Financial Post: Why this $1,000 bonus is good news for me

The Financial Post is offering a $1 to $5 bonus to readers of its business-focused website.

It will offer $5 and $10 bonuses to those who earn the minimum level of weekly readership.

The website, which launched on Feb. 4, is a mix of business and personal content, including posts about stock advice, stocks and their respective sectors, and a daily stock-tracking app.

“It’s a fun, free, and easy way for you to learn more about stocks and the industry,” Financial Post editor-in-chief Michael Smith said in a news release.

Founded by Smith, the website has been a mainstay of his business and editorial writing for more than a decade.

In 2014, he launched the financial newsletter Financial Trends , which became a staple of many financial and investment news sites.

Smith has been at the helm of the Financial Post since 2015, and he will continue to oversee the website until the end of the year.

As with other major financial news websites, Financial Trends will focus on covering stocks that have a market cap of more than $1 billion.

Readers can also opt to receive a free subscription to the website.