How the World’s Most Iconic Symbol Became the Worlds Most Iconoclastic Symbol

The logo of the world’s most popular media platform has been transformed into a collection of cartoon characters that make fun of everything from climate change to gender politics.

Created by German-American design studio Futura, the new logo is meant to “reflect the way in which we communicate” while “reclaiming the essence of Futura” as a brand, Futura said in a statement.

The design team behind the logo includes Futura creative director André Gschwind, Futurist artist Lars Zweig, and artist Michael Rieger, who helped the company create the Futura logo as a youth.

The new logo also features Futura’s logo, which was originally designed by German artist Dietmar Stangl.

“The Futura brand is about embracing the potential of the internet, and its role as a platform to connect and connect people,” Futura CEO Klaus Körner said in the statement.

“It is also about celebrating the diverse, dynamic nature of humanity and how we all can become better citizens.”

The logo has been available on Futura since February 2017.

It features Futurism’s trademark red and white “futura” font, which is meant “to celebrate the futurism of Futurists” and is “a symbol of freedom and innovation.”

The Futurista logo was created by artist Dietrich Stang, who is also Futuristic founder and president.