How to create your own bembos for your games

When it comes to creating your own fonts for your game, the choice is often a matter of how you want to present your designs.

Here are a few tips on how to create bemboing fonts in Unity: 1.

Add more space between each character.

To use the fonts for a single character, create a blank space between the character and the font.

Add space between them by creating an ellipsis around them.


Make the bemboes smaller and smaller.

When creating fonts, be careful to keep your fonts from being too big or too small.

For example, if you have two characters with a width of 50 pixels and you want them to be the same size, make them smaller and larger until they’re the same height.


Use a font with a large color space.

When you are working with fonts, make sure to use a larger color space than your font’s base size.

For instance, if your font is set to 50px wide, make it 40 pixels wide.


Add an additional glyph.

In Unity, you can add an extra glyph to each font.

For each character you want, use the Add glyphs button and then click Add glyph.

This will add a glyph to the font’s properties, which you can use to control its size.


Add a font typeface.

You can use your own font to fill in your fonts.

For this, create an empty area in your text editor, like a new text editor window.

Click the Edit button next to your font and then choose the font type you want.

Select the Font option, and then select the Font Type dropdown box.


Add colors.

When adding your font to your game’s asset pipeline, be sure to choose a color that matches your game.

For Unity, this is the default color for the Unity font.


Choose a font that is transparent.

If your font has a transparency property, this will make your font appear transparent when viewed through your game object.


Make sure the fonts have a background color.

If you want the fonts to have a foreground color, create one that’s not too dark, but not too light.

Make your fonts the same color as the background color, like this: white,red,blue,green,yellow,orange,cyan.


Add the text.

Click Add text in the Add fonts window, and select the font you want as your text.

You’ll see the Add Text button in the top-right corner of the Add Font window.


Save your changes.

After you’ve created your fonts, you’ll see them in the Asset Pipeline.