How to Make an Animated Short Film for Your TV Show

Posted October 14, 2018 02:10:49This short film you are about to see has been made by a Hawaiian filmmaker named Ke’uia Wao.

Ke’u, a filmmaker in the Kakaako and Maui Islands, is the director behind the film ‘Maui Kakaapo’.

Ke’uuia has been making movies for the past 10 years and is currently shooting a documentary about Maui.

She has had the experience of making a short film, and she is determined to use that experience to make a film for her show.

KeKuia says she wants to make films that will make you think about the island.

She says the people in her films will be inspired by the stories of the people living on the island, and her goal is to have people on the islands come up with their own stories that relate to the stories.

Ke Kuia said she is inspired by how the island people live their lives.

She said she wants people to think about Mauina and how they relate to each other, which she says is important.

She said the islands people are very different from other parts of the world.

She says her intention is to capture the spirit of the island and to do that by capturing the culture and life of the islands inhabitants.

KeAkuia said the project was made in hopes of showing people Maui, not just to the camera, but to the world at large.

She hopes that by showing Maui to the entire world, she can change the culture of the place and the way people think about their island.