How to read the New York Jets’ logo, typeface and logo type

GOTHAM, N.Y. — For a team that doesn’t have an official logo, the New England Patriots have its own typeface.

The team’s official logo was inspired by the typeface used on the “City of New York” in the movie “The Maltese Falcon.”

It was a mix of New England’s logo and that of the movie’s “City,” which the Patriots say is the first official one.

The design is part of the team’s efforts to “engage fans, and in particular fans of New Hampshire,” the team said in a statement.

“We have been exploring the use of a city typeface for a long time,” New England president and general manager Josh McDaniels said.

“I think it’s been a really successful approach for the team and its fans.”

McDaniels noted that the Patriots have a history of “filling out” their logo designs, with the first logo being a modern interpretation of the city of Rome.

New England’s official typeface is called “City” and the design features a “City icon” that is reminiscent of a large city with multiple avenues of public transit.

The Patriots also use a “P” at the end of the word “New” to indicate “new.”

They used a similar design for their logo last season, but it was dropped as they started to use a sans serif font.