How to type with modern typefaces

NEW YORK — A modern type set is just what you need to type modern, simple, and elegant.

This article is part of NBC News’ “Modern Typography: The Definitive Guide” series, which offers a quick guide to modern type.

The modern typeset is a collection of typefaces created by many designers who are striving to meet modern typographic needs and standards.

Here are 10 modern type sets to get you started:1.

Helvetica by Michael KorsModern design and design trends have been on the rise, and Helveticus is no exception.

It is an elegant, modern type design that uses a blend of classic, modern, and futuristic colors.

Helvetica was developed by the Kors family of brands, who are known for their bold, vibrant colors and bold typography.

Its basic construction is the same as modern day typefaces, but its design elements are designed to be more complex, with a bold serif, serif-style sans-serif, and serif serif.

Helvaici is the first modern type font to be created by Kors, and is a descendant of the classic Helvetique design.2.

Bold by New York TimesModern design is changing and changing fast, but a new generation of typographers is pushing forward with bold typefaces.

Bold has become more mainstream in recent years.

“Bold” is a modern, bold typeface.

The modern type has a more subtle but bold feel to it.

Bold typography has a retro feel to the font, which is often paired with a more retro look.

Bold also has an edge that makes it a bit harder to read, which can help with typing in a crowded office.

In 2017, Bold was the most popular typeface for college students.

It is a great alternative to traditional cursive.3.

Bold is a new font by Google This font is a hybrid of bold and italic that makes up the new Bold.

Google created the Bold with a strong emphasis on modernism, using modern design principles.

There are four versions of the Bold, with italic being the most common.

This font can be found in most websites today.4.

Futura by Adobe The Futura is a beautiful, modern sans-futura typeface, with modern and vintage colors.

It’s not often found in the market, but it’s available for free on

Futura is an evolution of Futura that includes more modern elements and bolder typography, like a retro-style serif and a bold sans-style, but the basic design is timeless.

It can be used in a variety of web design projects, and can be easily scaled to fit any website.5.

Sans serif by LuluModern type has grown in popularity, with more than a billion people using it every day.

With the rise of social media, more and more people are searching for typefaces that fit their needs, especially online.

Lulu is a bold, modern font designed to help users type more visually.

Its bold serifa, sans-sans-seriff, and condensed version of sans serif are designed with a modern design touch.6.

Helvita by New Yorker Modern design is taking a more bold, bold style in typography with this typeface by New Jersey-based designer John Stoll.

It uses a bold modern serif typeface to emphasize its bold elements.

Stoll created the font in 1999 and is known for his bold, eye-catching typography and bold colors.7.

Helvaric by New Orleans Modern typography is getting bolder with the Helvica.

It combines modern design with modern, futuristic, and retro elements.

Its basic design elements include bold, geometric shapes and geometric shapes.8.

Helvi-A by TypografxThe Helvi is a contemporary typeface that combines modern and classic elements, including a bold form and a vintage-style italic typeface with a retro, futuristic-inspired font.9.

Helvic-A-Pilot by TypogrammaThe Helvic is a classic sans-hand and bold sans seriff typeface designed to evoke the look and feel of a vintage typewriter.

It was created in 2007 by the American Typographic Association, and was recently voted one of the top 20 modern type fonts by the Font Society.10.

Serif serio by New RepublicA modern, modern-style typeface and the first serif version of Helvetic ever created by the New Republic.