How To Use The Old English Typeface Epique

The New England typeface Epije is being phased out, and a brand new typeface is being designed for the next few years.

The New English Typefaces Consortium (NEFTC), a consortium of designers, designers and manufacturers, announced the end of the Epique brand name in May.

The name was a marketing buzzword that was thrown around to promote the new typefaces.

“We have seen a tremendous amount of interest in the new English typefaces in the past few years,” the NEFTC said in a statement.

“This new project represents the next chapter in the evolution of this typeface family.”

The new type, called Epique 3, will be unveiled at the end in 2018.

“The future of the NEFFT typeface will be in its new, more contemporary, and more elegant version,” NEFTS said.

The new Epique type will feature a lighter, more refined, and much more neutral look.

It’s likely that the brand will be sold under the Epix brand.

The Epique family of typefaces is designed for a specific demographic.

It has a neutral, relaxed and refined feel.

It is also known as the old english type, which is derived from Old English and means “the good, or plain.”

It was originally designed to appeal to those looking for a more neutral style of English.

The old english family has also been popular in the United States, with the Neffs and Neffys being the most popular typefaces used in the U.S. The NEFtc said that this new type will “offer an attractive and contemporary look to the U