I Love Polygon, but I’m Not Getting Enough Posts

It’s a truism that many of the people who follow Polygon’s coverage of the tech news are devoted to the site’s news.

But, like most things, it can be hard to quantify.

To figure out which news outlets are worth your time, Polygon has turned to the numbers.

In order to compile this list, we combed the site for news stories, including those that broke this week.

If you don’t see your favorite outlet, send an email to [email protected] to see what others are up to.

If Polygon doesn’t have the news you want, email me at [email protected] and we’ll add it to the list.

Follow the full list of news outlets here.

[1] “Apple announced new ‘solar panels’ to help reduce power use on smartphones, computers and tablets, and to help drive down power bills.”

— Apple.com.

Apple’s press release announcing its new Solar panel technology.

The article is based on the official Apple press release.

[2] “Facebook is adding video and social video to its News Feed, as well as a new tab to watch news that has not been previously seen.

Facebook also is rolling out a video-based feature that enables users to see videos and live events through the News Feed.

The feature is now available for all users, including non-Facebook-users.”

— Facebook.com/NewsFeed.

[3] “Tesla plans to have an electric car called the Model 3 in 2021, but its plans to build a mass production version are moving forward.”

— The Wall Street Journal.

[4] “Google is making a huge push into virtual reality with the Oculus Rift headset.

Google is also making a move into the realm of virtual reality.”

— TechCrunch.

[5] “Samsung is expanding its virtual reality business with the launch of Gear VR, an immersive virtual reality headset that’s coming soon to a handful of retailers, including Best Buy and GameStop.”

— Business Insider.

[6] “Hulu’s new streaming service, Xfinity TV, has expanded to more countries including India and Vietnam.”

— Yahoo News.

[7] “The new iPhones are the most affordable smartphones on the market.”

— Ars Technica.

[8] “Sony says it is investigating the possibility of buying Oculus VR, a virtual reality company, in a deal that could be worth $500 million.”

— Reuters.

[9] “Netflix is making the transition from DVD to digital streaming with the new digital subscription service Xfury, and is also working on its own virtual reality content.”

— Forbes.

[10] “Uber has introduced a new service that allows drivers to work from home, but Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has yet to reveal when he plans to roll out the new service.”— Forbes.