Trump calls for ‘massive’ border wall, more funding for border wall as president

Donald Trump is calling for a “massive” border wall and a $1 trillion plan to repair the nation’s infrastructure.

The president tweeted Friday that the “stunning border wall” would be part of his tax plan, and said that the wall would be built by the end of the year.

Trump’s remarks came after Trump on Thursday outlined his plan to overhaul the tax code to help offset some of the economic costs of the border wall.

The plan would give tax relief for people who buy homes on the southern border and eliminate the estate tax, a popular deduction for people living in the United States.

Trump has also said that his border wall proposal is “absolutely” the “most important thing that we’ve done” in the last six months, and has pledged to build the wall by the summer of 2019.

Trump and his aides have said that construction of the wall will begin as soon as the 2018 election is over, but that it will be done by the time the tax plan is enacted in 2019.