‘Passionate’ and ‘determined’ by the people who designed it, this typeface is the perfect replacement for the one that has already been used to print the world’s most famous photograph

A new typeface designed to replace the one used to produce the world-famous photograph of Bill Gates is being hailed as a ‘brave, creative, and determined’ decision by the designer who created it.

The font, called “Passion”, is a bold and bold-looking font for which Gates wrote, “You cannot use a generic font with this font.”

“I wanted a bold font that would be memorable and stand out in a crowded office,” he told Wired magazine.

“I had the vision that this font would be a visual expression of how I felt about a particular person or group of people.”

The design was inspired by the “Hollywood Gothic” typeface used in film posters, and was designed by Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Typekit team.

“The fonts used to create this logo are so unique,” Gates wrote in his introduction to the font, “I hope that the inspiration to create it will give you some of that same feeling that you felt when you saw this original image on the newsstand.”

“And, if you happen to have any typefaces that are also beautiful, feel free to try them out.”

The logo will be available in several fonts, including Helvetica, Times New Roman, Palatino and Helvetina, and is expected to be released in September 2018.

“You can find out more about how the font works and its history here,” Gates said.

“I’m happy to have contributed to this iconic logo and look forward to seeing how it performs in the marketplace.”