How to use a Google Docs document template

Google has made it easy to create your own PDFs.

You can use Google DocSauce for documents that aren’t open-source and are meant to be printed, and it lets you add PDFs to documents.

But for documents like a blog post, a list of ideas for a company’s new product, or a presentation to a conference, Google DocSpaces can be more cumbersome.

Here’s how to create a GoogleDocs document, without Google’s proprietary software.


Find a Google doc with a title.

Go to the Google Doc menu, then the Docs menu, and click on the title.


Click the Add tab, then edit the title by choosing an option from the drop-down menu.

For example, if you want to change the title of your Google Doc to “A new Google Doc is coming,” select the option to change “This document is coming.”


Select the typeface you want, then click the Edit button.

You’ll get an image of your document.


Click Save, then close the Edit window.


Now open a new GoogleDoc document in Google Docspaces.

You will need to edit the document and upload it to Google Doc Spaces before the document can be saved.

This step is not required.

Google DocSuite For documents that are not open- source, such as blogs, it is recommended to use Google’s DocSuites.

DocSuiting lets you open a Google document from within your own Google account.

If you’re using the free Google Doc suite, you can access your documents from within Google’s own Chrome browser.

If your documents are being printed, then it’s recommended that you use Google Pro.

Google is also using the Google Documents API to allow users to import documents from other apps.

These files are not fully open-sourced, but they can be added to Google Spaces by uploading a PDF to DocSu.

You don’t need to be a Google employee to add a document to Google’s Google Documents.

For more information, see DocSuiter, DocSpace, and Google Doc.