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Newport, the British seaside resort in Scotland, has a reputation for being one of the most expensive destinations for luxury goods.

Now, it is attracting attention for its unique design, which has also earned the resort a reputation as being the place to go for some of the world’s best art.

In 2017, the resort was named best in Britain by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Newport is the site of the largest-ever Royal Navy ship-building project, and the site is also the location of the new Royal Naval Air Station, and a major military base.

The RIAA said that it wanted to highlight the resort’s diversity, but it also wanted to offer an explanation as to why it was such a popular destination.

Newport’s art is a mix of traditional British designs and modern European influences, and it has also become a popular place for international visitors, with more than 200,000 visitors visiting the resort last year.

“The RIBA has chosen Newport because it is a unique setting for its heritage and heritage heritage is important in the design of Newport,” said Peter Boulton, the RIAB’s chair of the design committee.

“It also has a rich history and the local economy has been incredibly important in supporting the resort and helping it grow.”

The RIO (Royal Institute of Oceanography) said that the design has attracted the attention of the likes of Mark Mothersbaugh, the director of the Royal Academy of Art in the UK.

“We have worked with him on some of our work, and he is keen to see what Newport’s design can do to help support the city’s development,” he said.

The city is home to the Royal Naval Academy, which also has facilities for teaching children and teaching sailors.

“This is something that will be a major asset to the city as the Royal Navy Academy continues to grow and develop,” he added.

The RIBA also noted that the town’s rich heritage can also be seen in the new design.

“Newport has a long and rich history as a port and as an important part of the port’s industrial economy,” said the RIBA.

“It is home of the famous Newport Dockyard, and is a major industrial centre, with many companies in the shipyards and other industries.”

As a result, it will be important for the city to be sensitive to its own heritage.

“The design committee is expected to make a final decision on Newport in October.