The most popular font on the web is ‘din’

The most common typeface on the internet is a common font that has been around for a while, and it is now being used by a lot of people.

A new study from the Font Bank website finds that the most popular typeface for online use is din, the iconic font that can be found on websites and websites.

The study looked at the usage of a dozen different types of fonts across a wide range of websites and apps and found that the typeface has been used by roughly 5% of the users.

This is a huge change from just a few years ago, when din was mostly used for business-oriented websites.

Nowadays, a lot more websites and app platforms are using din for the more everyday uses, and there are more options to pick from, too.

The fonts used on the study were created by a team of more than a dozen people and included: a font designer and a font developer.

They also included a font typeface expert, a font expert, and a typeface designer.

“Our study shows the popularity of din on websites, apps, and platforms, as well as its widespread use among developers,” the study authors wrote.

“It is likely that din will continue to be used as the default typeface across most websites and applications, and may be the font of choice for many other apps and websites.”

The study’s authors also pointed out that the font is often used for its simplicity and legibility.

They found that dins use on the average website has the same number of characters per word as a normal typeface.

It’s also the type of typeface used by about 70% of web developers.

That’s good news for designers who want to create websites that are easy to read and look great.

But it’s not a surprise to see a font like din that is popular for its ability to fit in with a wider range of other fonts.

The font has a wide reach.

It was designed by the same team as a font called ‘bacon’ for the typefaces ‘Bacon’, ‘Bambi’, and ‘Bengal’.

And while they have different weights, there are similar characters.

It can be used on a wide variety of websites, but the most common use is for web design, and that’s how it is used by more than half of the websites studied.

The typeface also makes use of multiple weights, so it is more legible to people with different visual styles.

The researchers also found that users tend to use the font in combination with other types, which makes it useful for many different typesetting tasks.

For example, the researchers found that when people have an eye for typography, they tend to prefer din over other common types like bold and italic.

Another study from 2014 found that a majority of people would prefer to use din to create a website, while a majority would also like to use it to make a website look professional.

This study also found a similar pattern, with people preferring din as the font used for online sites.

This year, the International Society of Typographic Experts announced a list of 10 more fonts for use on websites.

This included din.