When Google changed the default typeface for its search results

Updated September 14, 2018 09:04:55Google is changing its default typefaces for its homepage.

The search engine giant has started rolling out the new “Google-like” Google logo and logo design to its homepages.

It has been a longstanding goal of Google to change its appearance to match the Google-like Google brand.

The logo will replace Google’s old Google icon that is on its main search results page.

The new logo was introduced on September 14 as part of a bid to bring the look of the homepage into line with Google’s overall look.

It is the latest step in a trend towards change Google is taking to make its homepage more like the Google of today.

Google first introduced a more modern look for its main homepage in 2016 and last year unveiled a new look for the home pages of its products including Gmail, Google Maps and Chrome.