When you don’t need to type a word, use a typeface for a logo

Typeface designer and blogger Joanne Wysocki says you don.

Wysockis is an avid typographer, designer and typographer who lives in the beautiful capital of Maui.

She says you should not be limited to using a type that’s been around for years.WYSOCKI: You should be able to type whatever you want.

You don’t have to type in a certain way, but you can type in any way that you want, and you can also use whatever kind of typeface you want for a design or even for your own logo.

And so I think we have to keep evolving our tools, to keep creating new types.

I think it’s important that people, if they’re doing something like a design for a business, say, I want a type on the logo.

I don’t want a bold typeface because I don.

I also think that it’s really important to have a good typographic vocabulary, because you need to know what typeface works well for what kind of work.

So, to give you an example, if you’re a design student or a typographer and you’re designing for a corporate, you want to be able, at the beginning of the project, you know, you’re going to use a good typeface.

You want to know that the type is going to work.

And then when you go through the design, you should be looking for the right typeface that’s going to create a logo, because then you’ll have a really good design.

The good news is, if it works, you can probably keep using it.

It’s not a problem.

You can probably get by with a sans serif typeface or a sans-serif type font that doesn’t have too much legibility, but I think it might be good to try some different fonts.WIESOCKI is a typography professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a certified designer of typefaces.

She is the author of ” The Secret To Good Typography ,” a book about typography and design.