Why ‘modern serif’ typeface looks best on Fox Sports 1

FOX Sports 1 has a modern serf typeface for the network’s homepage, featuring an oversized circle for the channel’s logo.

In the background of the screenshot is a rounded version of the channel logo.

The font is based on a style that FOX Sports’ original serif was based on.

The brand’s previous logo was also based on this typeface.

FOX Sports also uses a wide variety of modern serials, from the modern sans-serif style to the more condensed and condensed sans-line styles.

The new font looks great, but the network still doesn’t have a standard version for its homepage.

The logo is the only thing that’s different.

It looks like it’s designed for Fox Sports, but we can’t imagine it’ll ever be a standard font for the company.FOX Sports 1’s homepage is now updated to use the FOX Sports logo.

Fox Sports’ brand new logo, which is still very similar to the one used on the website, is used for the site’s homepage.

It’s not just FOX Sports who has a problem with this.

The Wall Street Journal has a full-on rant on the matter, which has already gotten more than 200,000 views in just two days.

The issue is not just about FOX Sports.

We’re all frustrated by the way the internet has moved towards using serifs over more condensed, condensed, or even non-seriff typefaces.

It’s not an isolated problem either.

Google, Apple, and even Facebook have also used serif fonts for their websites.

These fonts have been used by web browsers for years.

But the internet is changing the way people use the web, and it’s changing how you use them.

The trend to use serif or condensed typefaces has already started.

Many companies, including Apple and Google, have switched to condensed or non-regular fonts.

Google is already using condensed typeface on its homepage, and Apple has a website that uses a serif design.

The result is that, while a standard typeface will still look great on most sites, the user will get used to the new typeface more quickly and easily.